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All Spaces can Sound as good as they Look!

Existing Spaces

  • Test sound transmission between spaces
  • Provide recommendations with product and installation guidelines to increase noise attenuation
  • Interpret technical information on previously sourced product
  • Source specialty products as required

Product Sourcing

  • Sound damping materials, hardware and compounds
  • High STC rated window and door assemblies
  • Combination sound damping and sound absorption products
  • Vibrational and machinery noise damping product

Planned Spaces

  • Determine goal sound transmission loss related to specific setting and impact on privacy as well as enjoyment of space
  • Provide construction guidelines to attain required sound transmission loss 
  • Source specialty products as required

Privacy and Sound Masking

With so many experiences of poor systems and improper installation, sound masking has gotten a bad rap over the years.  Let us show you how a properly tuned, great quality system can be a key component in solving your need for increased privacy.  

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