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All Spaces can Sound as good as they Look!

Acoustic Excellence without Compromising Aesthetics

Design Assist

We welcome an opportunity to partner with you or your design team to bring acoustics seamlessly into your design.  

Whether design-forward or hidden from view,  acoustic products can be incorporated without compromise to ensure your design meets a level of excellence acoustically as well as visually.

Product Customization

Melamine foam.  Expanded metal.  Slatted wood products.  Screen printed panels.  Our options to turn acoustic absorption products into focal pieces are many.  Let us create something special for your space to make it truly cutting-edge - visually and acoustically.

Interior Design

Are acoustics only part of your redesign plan?  Let's have a discussion to see if we can put the entire plan together for you.  From acoustically superior study pods in a university setting, to large feature walls in a commercial facility to vertical features in a hospitality setting, let us show you what we can do for you.

3D Design

Whether presenting the plan to a board of members or to assist in visualizing the full design, we offer 3D design services scalable to most projects.

Environmental Sustainability

Attaining certain parameters allows for additional LEED points for your project. Let us show you how.

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